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Kyra Algazi
Dog Behaviourist & Trainer
About Kyra


Kyra was born in Amsterdam and moved to London in 2004. She lives in Notting Hill, London with her family and rescue Jack Russel, ‘Flip’. Kyra’s love for animals, dogs in particular, started when she was two years old. Her first dog was a boxer with whom she played endlessly and who always watched over her.

While working in interior design for many years, her love for animals never left her. When she realised how pervasive miscommunication between dogs and their owners is, she decided to do her part to help and started her training in dog behaviourism and psychology.

Kyra combines positive reinforcement with the latest developments in dog science. She offers tailor made training solutions and behaviour programmes. Using only positive reinforcement to alter a dog’s behaviour, Kyra firmly believes that dogs learn best when there are happy. Guiding her clients with clear steps and professional advice, she encourages the strengthening of the bond between owner and dog in order to promote a mutual understanding and a happy relationship.

Kyra is also a fervent animal welfare advocate. Animals can’t speak for themselves so we have to be sure we raise our voice on their behalf. She has raised funds for several animal welfare charities and during her trips around the world (Ecuador in particular - where she had her furniture made) she worked to educate a rural community on how best to take care for and live with their dogs.   

A photo of Kyra with her dog
Kyra's Dog

Kyra speaks your language

Kyra Speaks your Language - English
Kyra Speaks your Language - French
Kyra Speaks your Language - German
Kyra Speaks your Language - Spanish
Kyra Speaks your Language - Dutch

Kyra obtained her Masters in Clinical Animal Behaviour 
at the
University of Lincoln.

Intermediate Think Dog! certificate course

by Sarah Whitehead.

Basic Handling and Training Skills
Practical and Effective Dog Training

 at the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour.

A one-year course on Healing Small Animals with
Elizabeth Whiter, which focused on a holistic approach to animal wellbeing including nutrition, physiology and anatomy.

Kyra just completed a year internship at
The London Vet Clinic of Bruce Fogle in Marlybone
and is currently assisting at
The Addison & Holland Park Veterinary Clinic
of Dr Carmichael


Kyra has worked for several years at 
Glendee Rescue Centre
training traumatised dogs.




Training Sessions

One to One training sessions

All training session are one to one tailored around the needs of your puppy or adult dog.


Kyra provides your puppy with toilet training, loose lead training, recall training, jumping up, play biting, nipping, chewing and much more. She will show you how to strengthen your bond with your dog, to make your dog more engaged.


A puppy and dog who are more engaged and willing to bond with its owner will be happy and thus more obedient dog. Training sessions will take place in guardians house, garden.

Photo of two puppies being trained
Behavioural Sessions

One to one Behavioural sessions

All behavioural sessions are tailor made to the needs of your dog and you. Kyra works with dogs with underlying issues which can be related or is often a combination of physiological and emotional issues leading to behavioural issues.   

Behavioural issues are rather complex, and Kyra will work as a detective to get to bottom of the problem and to come with clear and practical solutions. To alter a dogs unwanted behaviour will take time, patience, and dedication. The end-result is very rewarding for your dog and yourself. 


Kyra’s hands on experience are key to getting a rewarding end-result. She can help you with separation issues, aggression towards humans, aggression towards dogs and resource guarding just to name a few. 

Kyra training a dog


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