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Kyra has a natural gift when it comes to working with animals. Kind, caring with an understanding of each individual animals requirements. She has been working with our rescue dogs over the past year and has been a real pleasure to work alongside. Always happy and upbeat, the animals seem to sense she is a good soul. Jennifer Watson, Glendee Kennels.

Jennifer Watson

Glendee Kennels, Hertfordshire


Kyra is a fantastic positive reward based trainer/behaviourist who meets all of a dogs needs whilst also supporting their owners. She is extremely knowledgeable not only in training puppies and dogs but she also offers excellent behavioural advice and support. Kyra sets you right from the very start in the most positive way to ensure both you and your dog work in harmony to maximise your enjoyment of each other and she gives the knowledge and confidence to take on board the methods she teaches. She showed us how to get it right from the very start and helped us getting the very best out of our golden retriever puppy Sandy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so patiently Kyra!


Jenny Ericsson
Chelsea, London


Golden Retriever



Irish terrier

At times fate brings you in touch with the right people at the perfect time. With lockdown I had not been able to enrol in any puppy classes, so was working from memory and a bit of help from the internet. I met Kyra walking a client dog in the street, there was lots of building noise and my puppy was nervous, and I had scooped her up, the next day we met again in Burton Court where post a manic play session my pup was in a spin. I knew I needed some guidance. Kyra has helped me realise that socialising a puppy is not all about them running and playing till they are fit to pop, it's more about being able to play at times and also walk right on by at other times. she has helped me work on recall, commands and most recently why my pup wsa getting so hyped up by the scooters and motorbikes, I'd assumed she was simply wanted  to chase them, not that she was frighten so her nervous system response was giving her the message run, and chase it away. Kyra has also helped us find the right harness, lead and which toys are the most practical to use when training to help us both get the best results, enjoying our play and learning time together.

It has been such a treat for us to work 1-2-1, with Kyra and given that my little Irilish Terrier is an excitable dog I am not sure if puppy classes would have actually made her go in to overwhelm, so being counterproductive.

Kyra has been great at following up our sessions with notes and video's which is a wonderful reference to draw on.


Susie Astbury

Belgravia, London


Kyra is a terrific, reassuring and positive trainer. She has helped us with Milo, so that we cracked toilet training, got on top of his nipping behaviour and worked out the correct equipment including harness and toys. 
It's always enjoyable to see Kyra, she is practical and calm, and you can gain so much from even just one session dedicated to your dog's particular training needs.


Corinna Mitchell
Chelsea, London


Australian labradoodle